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Survey and Mapping section of the Institute has been carrying out different types of survey and mapping work since its inception. Initially, a number of earth scientists, especially geologists were associated with this section. Later on, a number of workers from other disciplines like Botany, Environmental Science, Atmospheric Science, Remote Sensing and GIS were inducted into this section. Thus, this section works as a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team using state of art technology like Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) etc.

Although in the initial phase conventional methods of surveys were followed for carrying out different works, but later on, majority of the works concentrate on utilising remote sensing technique. Both visual and digital image processing techniques are employed for mapping and inventorying purposes supplemented by detailed ground truth verification. For visual purpose, the Procom-II instrument and normal light tracing tables are used. For digital image processing, software like Erdas Imagine (version 8.7) and Geomatica (version 9.1) are the key support systems. For GIS works, ARC GIS (Version 9), PC ARC Info, ARC View etc software are used. Differential Global Positioning System instruments of Leica make are utilised for survey purposes.

Work regarding different areas of environment are being implemented to guarantee the ecological as well as social security of the State and the Nation, as a whole. Brief outlines of the major projects which have already been implemented or being implemented are given below:
Projects Already Completed :
  Panchayat Level Resource Mapping with Peoples' Participation at Kashipur Block, Purulia        District, West Bengal :
   Panchayat Level Resource Survey and Mapping with Peoples' Participation: a pilot project in        Ausgram G.P. under Ausgram Block-I, District Burdwan, West Bengal :
   Wasteland Mapping of Koch Behar District :